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Pocket-Sized Self-Flying Camera

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  • Portability and Simplicity Redefined
  • Automatic and Intelligent Flight Paths
  • Shoot and Share with the APP
  • Robust Tracking Algorithms & Ultra-Smooth Video

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15 Days Return Warrenty

Users can return their HOVERAir for any reason within 15 days of receiving the product, provided the product is in unopened factory condition. Please note, returns will only be accepted if the returned item(s) meet the "Return Conditions" specified below.

Return Conditions:

1.Users must present a valid purchase receipt when returning the item. If the product is damaged by the user, or if the packaging box or any accessories are missing, the return will not be accepted.2.The refund of the paid amount will be processed within seven days from the date of receiving the returned goods.3.If any manufacturing defects occur within the first 15 days and these failures are confirmed by warehouse inspection, HOVERAir will refund all costs incurred during this return or exchange including shipping.

Warranty Claims for Quality-Related Issues:

We provide a 12-month warranty service for our customers.

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Key Feature Highlights


Your Personal Photographer That
Takes Flight

This revolutionary device combines cutting-edge technology with a sleek, lightweight design, making it the perfect companion to capture all special moments of you and your beloved.

Limitless Possibilities with HOVERAir X1

Family Time

Cherished Times Anywhere

Let it accompany you and your family, effortlessly capturing your precious memories with stunning shots.

Travel Adventures

Soar Above the Trails and Discover New Perspectives.

Experience the beauty of nature from a bird's eye view and capture your adventures in stunning detail.


Ride the Wind and Capture the Speed.

Explore the world on two wheels and capture the thrill of the ride with stunning aerial footage.


Capture Your Every Step in Style.

Whether you're a seasoned runner or just starting out, HOVERAir is the perfect way to track your progress and capture your running journey.


Soar Above the Trails and Discover New Perspectives.

Experience the beauty of nature from a bird's eye view and capture your hiking adventures in stunning detail.

Multiple Intelligent Flight Paths

By selecting a mode and pressing a button, X1 will take off and fly by itself. You can capture the moment while staying in the moment. Have fun playing the lead in your own video!

Intelligent Flight Paths
Hover mode frames the user from a static position, perfect for hands-free selfies or group photos.
Follow mode can follow you from the front or back up to 20km/h. Robust computer vision algorithms keep you centered in the frame.
Orbit mode orbits steadily around the user, ideal for showcasing a location or object like your new home, car, or even a new puppy!
Zoom Out mode gradually includes more of the surroundings for dramatic effect, ideal for capturing the vibe of parties, camping, or backyard barbecues.
Bird’s Eye mode captures overhead views with just one click, giving you a unique overview.

HOVERAir's Salient Features That'll Win You Over

3-second Palm Takeoff

Operating the HOVERAir X1 self-flying camera is simple and user-friendly. lt takes off from your palm with one click, making it easy for everyone!

Follow Me Mode

Harnessing advanced tracking algorithms and a following speed of up to 15 mph, with follow mode and dolly track, the HOVERAir X1 becomes your intuitive cameraman, seamlessly tracking your every move.

Intelligent Shooting Paths

Beyond the Follow-Me feature, the HOVERAir X1 is equipped with a variety of intelligent Shooting Paths, including Hover, Orbit, Zoom-Out, and Birds-Eye, among others. With just a simple press, the HOVERAir X1 automatically executes the shot, making vlogging easier than ever!

EIS VIO system

Amazing Shooting

The triple stabilization system ensures smooth video effects and excellent fast motion capturing capability, easily recording beautiful moments during hikes or journeys.

foldable action camera pocket sized self flying camera

Portability Redefined

Weighing a mere 125g (4.41oz), lighter than an iPhone and exempt from the hassle of FAA registration.

Smart App Control

With the HOVERAir App, you can easily customize a wide range of settings, from flight height and distance to vertical shooting, as well as resolution. You can also wirelessly download the videos you've shot — both simple and fast! Moreover, our global user community is available within the app, where you can post and celebrate the wonderful moments!


1. Can I get a refund or exchange if my purchased product is damaged due to water landing of an aircraft?

We apologize, but according to our policy, we do not provide refund or exchange services for products damaged due to water landing of an aircraft. Water landings of aircraft can cause unpredictable damage to the product. Therefore, we recommend avoiding carrying our products in such situations. We suggest reading the product's user guide thoroughly before making a purchase and following the provided usage recommendations to ensure the product's safety and reliability. If you have any other questions or need further assistance, please feel free to contact our customer service team.

2. What is the difference between HOVERAir X1 and other typical drones?

The HOVERAir X1 is a lightweight, portable, and user-friendly drone that provides an excellent alternative to typical drones. Its ultralight weight of 125g means that it doesn't require registration or certification, and it can be easily launched with a 3-second palm takeoff, in contrast to typical drones, which require manual takeoff. The foldable design allows it to fit in a handbag or pocket, making it a great option for on-the-go use compared with typical drones. Its 5 pre-programmed flight paths, including Hover, Follow, Reveal, Orbit, and Overhead, allow for hands-free cinematic shots. Not to mention that the fully enclosed frame offers absolutely worry-free flying.

3. What kind of user and scene is HOVERAir X1 suitable for?

HOVERAir X1 is a perfect fit for those who enjoy recording and sharing their life. Whether you're traveling, engaging in outdoor adventures, camping, or participating in parent-child activities, HOVERAir X1 is the perfect companion. Weighing only 125g, it is a lightweight, portable device that can easily fit into a pocket or backpack, making it extremely beginner-friendly. The HOVERAir X1 also features pre-programmed flight paths that allow for hands-free professional-grade shots, making it ideal for capturing cinematic footage.

4. What is the positioning system used by HOVERAir X1?

HOVERAir X1 features advanced VIO (Visual Inertial Odometry) technology and a ToF laser altitude determination system. This provides accurate control with centimeter-level precision and enables a seamless transition from indoor to outdoor flying.

Compared with GPS, the VIO positioning system allows HOVERAir X1 to return to the original starting point with no need for a compass calibration. It is ideal for beginners to enjoy worry-free flying.

5. What kind of environment is HOVERAir X1 suitable for?

The HOVERAir X1 is equipped with the VIO positioning system, which is recommended for use in the following environments:

Flying height between 0.5m and 10m

Ground surface made of diffuse reflection material with a distinguishable texture and reflectivity greater than 20%

Sufficient lighting conditions (greater than 15 lux, equivalent to a normal indoor fluorescent lighting environment).

Please note that the HOVERAir X1 is not waterproof and should not be used in rainy conditions. It is also not recommended to use it in strong wind environments.

6. What is the warranty?

We stand behind our products & services with reassuring guarantees. HOVERAir offers a 12-month limited warranty as required by law.

7. Is the HOVERAir X1 wind-resistant?

Yes, the HOVERAir X1 can resist winds up to level 4 (7.9m/s). However, for optimal performance, it is recommended to use the aerial camera in windless or lightly breezy environments.

8. What kind of image stabilization technology is used in the HOVERAir X1?

The HOVERAir X1 utilizes a triple image stabilization system which includes mechanical stabilization (pitch axis) and electronic image stabilization (EIS) for hybrid anti-shake technology.

9. Can the gimbal of HOVERAir X1 be adjusted?

Yes, the gimbal of HOVERAir X1 can be adjusted within a range of -90 to 15 degrees.

10. Do I need to return the free gift if I request a return??

Yes. Please return the free gift along with your item to qualify for the refund. Make sure the gift is unopened and unused. If you do not return the gift or if the gift has been used, a portion of your refund will be deducted.

11. What is the "Buy More, Save More" promotion?

Buy More, Save More" is an exclusive benefit at HOVERAir Store, allowing you to enjoy greater discounts on accessories. Please note that to qualify for this promotion, you must also purchase the X1.

12.Why are Combo and Combo Plus packages no longer available?

Based on customer feedback, we've decided to offer more flexible purchasing options. Now, you can buy the X1 and get discounts on accessories! This new bundle option provides even better savings compared to the old combo packages.

Customer Reviews

Based on 493 reviews

Birth batteries dead..

Allison Driscoll
Scared to crash it

Ending up being super easy to use and didn’t have any problems with the self flying modes. Thanks for the great tool at my construction jobsites

Tennessee Rick Elliott

I am so impressed with the ability of the drone to capture video of us automatically. Completely effortlessly, and the results have been fantastic!!!

Stephen Brown
Great little Drone

I love this drone. The hands free aspect makes it so easy to use! The camera does a nice job and I use that to take group selfies. 😄

David Turner