Frequently Asked Questions

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1. General Questions

2. Product Questions

1. General Questions

When will my order be shipped? How long do I need to wait?
Orders with complete recipient information are normally shipped within 2 business days. You can check out our shipping policy here:
Can I change my order before fulfillment?
Unfortunately, once an order is placed, you can't change the quantity, category (standard/combo/combo plus), or color. If you need to make changes, please cancel the order and create a new one. You can update the address, but it must remain within our shipping area. You can check out our shipping policy here:
Can I pay for expedited shipping?
No, such option is not available at the moment.
How do I track my order?
Once your package is shipped, an automatic email containing the tracking number will be sent to you. You can use this tracking number to monitor your order's progress on the tracking site:
Are there any charges for canceling an order?
If you cancel your order before it's shipped, there are no charges. However, if the package is rejected and returned, we'll deduct the shipping cost from your refund. If you return an activated product without quality issues, we'll deduct both the shipping cost and a restocking fee from the refund.
How do I use the subscription welcome discount?
Upon subscribing, you'll automatically receive 500 points credited to your account. You can redeem these points (100 points = US$1) for a discount during checkout.
What should I do if my card is rejected during checkout?
Please try another card or use PayPal. If you're still facing issues, you can visit our Amazon store:
How can I become an affiliate?
Interested in becoming an affiliate? Check out our affiliate program here:
What payment methods do you accept?
We accept Paypal, Credit card, Apple Pay, Google Pay, and Klarna (available in select countries).

2. Warranty

How long is the warranty?
The warranty period for the HOVERAir X1 is 12 months. You can check out our warranty policy here:
When does the warranty start?
The warranty for the HOVERAir X1 begins on the device's activation date, which occurs when you connect it to the app for the first time.
Why is one battery missing from the package I received?
Please note that one battery is already installed in the HOVERAir X1 device. If that is counted and you're still missing a battery from the package, please contact for assistance.

1. Flight Environment 

Can I use the HOVERAir X1 on rainy days? Is it waterproof?
The HOVERAir X1 isn't waterproof and should be kept away from rainy conditions to prevent damage.
Is the HOVERAir X1 wind resistant?
Absolutely. The HOVERAir X1 is designed to withstand winds up to level 4, which is approximately 7.9m/s.
What kind of environment is the HOVERAir X1 suitable for?
The HOVERAir X1 is designed to excel in specific conditions. It's best suited for flying at heights between 0.5m to 10m, over surfaces with textures and reflectivity levels exceeding 20%, and in well-lit areas with lighting exceeding 15 lux, similar to indoor fluorescent lighting.
Can I use the HOVERAir X1's follow mode while skiing?
While the HOVERAir X1 isn't waterproof, you can still enjoy using it while skiing with some precautions: * Maintain speeds below 25 km/h downhill. * Ensure visible ski tracks on the snow surface. * Avoid sudden speed or angle changes while carving. * Stay cautious on steep slopes, as the drone may fly higher, making it harder to detect individuals. * Listen for the drone's propellers; if you can't hear them, it may need retrieval. * Be mindful of cold weather usage and ensure the drone lands safely in your hand, avoiding landing on snow.

2. Functions

Is it possible to connect the HOVERAir X1 to a computer?
Yes, you can connect your HOVERAir X1 to a computer using a Type-C USB cable. Just make sure your HOVERAir X1 stays powered on during the connection.
Will my photos/videos be automatically uploaded to HOVERAir's server? Will you be able to check my photos/videos?
Your photo and video files are only saved to your HOVERAir X1's memory card. There's no automatic upload, and your content remains private.
Where can I find the serial number of my HOVERAir X1?
You can find the serial number in the battery drawer after removing the battery. Alternatively, you can locate it in the app under "Me" - "My Hover" - Click the "Hover_XXXX" card - Copy the Serial Number.
Why can't I use the manual control mode in the app?
The manual control mode requires a specific number of flights in other modes to be unlocked. You can check the mode card to see which condition(s) you haven't met yet.
Can the HOVERAir X1 avoid obstacles during flights?
The HOVERAir X1 doesn't have obstacle avoidance capabilities. It's best to use it in relatively open areas to avoid collisions.
Can I use Bluetooth/wired earphones or microphone devices for video recording?
Absolutely! You can use Bluetooth/wired earphones with a microphone or external microphone devices for recording your videos.
Can the gimbal of the HOVERAir X1 be adjusted?
Yes, you can manually adjust the gimbal within a range of -90 to 15 degrees in Manual Control mode. In other intelligent modes, ensure the camera faces the tracking target before takeoff, and it will automatically lock onto the target during recording or photography.


What is the sound level of the HOVERAir X1 during flight?
When the HOVERAir X1 is flying 1.5m away, the sound level is approximately 70 dB.
Does the HOVERAir X1 require registration or certification?
No, the HOVERAir X1 weighs only 125g, which is below the 249g threshold for registration, training, or certificates. However, it's essential to check and adhere to local regulations regarding drone usage in different regions.