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HOVERAir X1 Quick Start Guide

Written by: May Lai



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HOVERAir's Buttons

HOVERAir X1 APP download QR code

How can I make HOVERAir X1 return to its starting point, land, or stop recording after use?

Intelligent flight paths: Upon completing the designated flight time, the HOVERAir X1 will automatically return to its take-off point or remain hovering in place.To initiate a palm landing, position your palm approximately 20 cm below the camera. The camera will recognize your palm print and land safely in your hand.In the absence of user input for more than 30 seconds, the HOVERAir X1 will initiate an automatic landing. 

Manual control: Navigate to the bottom menu of the app preview screen and locate the "Landing" button situated on the far right.Tap the "Landing" button to safely land the HOVERAir X1.

How to begin? You can check our video or check the following steps.

The following are steps in details:

Step 1 : Download App

Scan the QR code below to download and install Hover X1 APP.

HOVERAir X1 APP download QR code

Step 2 : Charge the battery

Before you use HOVERAir X1 for the first time, be sure to charge it.

Introduction of charge HOVERAir X1 battery

Video tutorial on charging your battery here:

Step 3 : Power on

Press and hold the power button for 2 seconds until the voice prompt is heard, and the green status indicator turns on.

Introduction of power on HOVERAir X1

Step 4 : Mode selection and fly

Open the HOVERAir X1 enclosureas shown below. You can switch modes using the mode button. Hold HOVERAir X1 horizontally. Short press the power button.

Introduction of start fly

All propellers will start spinning. Release HOVERAir X1 and it will take off and perform the selected flight path.

spinning of propellers

Take off

 HOVERAir X1  palm take off

Step 5: Landing HOVERAir X1

Place your hand 20cm below HOVERAir X1 when it is finished with its flight path, and it will automatically land on your hand.

the picture of landing HOVERAir X1


picture of prohibiting stick finger into the propellers

DO NOT stick any finger or anything else into the propellers area. Please refer to the safety instruction manual and disclaimer on zzrobotics.com/ support for more information. 

To stop the HOVERAir mid-flight, you can grab it from the air and press the power button or flip it by 180° to stop the propellers.

Introduction of how to stop propellers spinning

Step 6 Connect to the App

Open the Hover X1 App and use it to download your content or adjust flight parameters.

connect to the app


You can check the Hover X1 APP >Me>Academy or our official youtube video channel: https://www.youtube.com/@ZeroZeroRobotics

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