Warranty Policy


HOVERAir commits to providing free warranty service, customers do not need to pay the examination fee, maintenance required fees, or artificial replacement parts test fees if the part in question is within the warranty period and complies with the below terms. The warranty period differs with different parts of the product, and details are in the main parts warranty period list. Customers need to pay the cost of maintenance for parts that are out of the warranty period or not covered by the warranty. The warranty period may vary in different regions of the world, and Zero Zero will adjust the warranty period according to local laws and regulations.

General Terms

Shenzhen Zero Zero Infinity Technology Co., Ltd. ('Zero Zero')  assures the initial purchaser, there will be no materials and workmanship defects in Zero Zero electronic equipment (' products ') for  1 year from the date of retail purchase under normal use.  However, if you live in the European economic community (EEA), and you purchased Zero Zero products in EEA, the warranty is 2 years from the purchase date.

Zero Zero shall not be responsible for any loss due to failure to comply with the relevant instructions for use of the product.

This warranty does not cover all the product's built-in software and all services provided by  Zero Zero. To get details about the use of software and services, please refer to the license agreement and use terms of Zero Zero service supplied with the software.

Remedial Measures

If a hardware defect occurs during the warranty period, and Zero Zero receives a valid claim, based on its own choice and within the scope of the law, Zero Zero will:
(1) use new or refurbished spare parts to repair the product free of charge;
(2) exchange with a new or refurbished product. If the product is defective and the above method is the only and exclusive remedy within the scope permitted by law, unless prohibited by applicable law, we may charge for shipping and handling fees. This one-year warranty is valid only within the jurisdiction of Zero Zero or through the sale of the product by its authorized distributor or agent, or within the scope permitted by the applicable law of such jurisdiction. The warranty period for any replacement of the hardware is the remaining period of the original warranty period.

Access to Warranty Services

In order to obtain warranty service, you must send the product to the address specified by Zero Zero, and use the original packaging or provide the same degree of protection packaging. Under applicable law, Zero Zero may require you to provide evidence of purchase details, and/or compliance with the registration requirements before obtaining a secured service. It is your responsibility to back up any data, software, or other material that you store or store with your product. Such data, software or other materials may be lost or formatted during maintenance, and Zero Zero shall not be liable for any such damage or loss. 

Disclaimer and Limitation

This limited warranty applies only to products that are made by Zero Zero, authorized by Zero Zero, and can be identified with the "Zero Zero" trademark, trade name or logo. The limited warranty does not apply to any:
(a) non Zero Zero products and services;
(b) non Zero Zero hardware products;

(c)non Zero Zero accessories such as batteries, propellers, etc.

(d) software

The terms of the warranty do not apply to products or product components that have been altered in any way without Zero Zero authorization (for example, modifying any parts). The warranty also does not apply to products or parts inserted by the user. In addition, the limited warranty does not apply to:
(a) damage caused when used together with non Zero Zero products;
(b) damage caused by accident, abuse, misuse, flood, fire, earthquake or other external causes;
(c) damage caused by using the product out of the allowed or specified range limited by Zero Zero, or use the incorrect voltage or power ;
(d) damage caused by any product alterations made without Zero Zero authorization. This limited warranty does not cover software, user data recovery or reinstallation.

Any Zero Zero dealers, agents, or employees have no right to make any change, extension, or increase to this limited warranty. If any clause is determined to be illegal or can not be carried out, it should not affect or weaken the validity or enforceability of the remaining terms.

Implied Warranty

Except as applicable laws prohibit, all implied warranty (including merchantability and suitability guaranteeing specific purpose) should be restricted to the limited warranty period. Some jurisdictions do not allow limitations on how long the duration of implied warranties are, so the above limitation may not apply to you.

Damage limitation:

Unless prohibited by applicable law, outside the scope of the breach of any express or implied warranties or conditions, or any other cause of any accident, according to the legal theory of indirect, special or consequential damages, including but not limited to income, profit or loss of data, Zero Zero is not responsible for any damage or repair requests. Even Zero Zero has been told that the possibility of such a loss. Some jurisdictions do not allow the exclusion or restriction of special, indirect, accidental or consequential damages, so the above limitations or exemptions may not apply to you.

Applicable laws:

The limited warranty shall be governed by the local service policies and laws and regulations.

Free Maintenance Rules

Free maintenance services must meet the following conditions

*Product failures under normal use, not caused by human error, during the warranty period ;

*No unauthorized disassembly, no installation, use, or operation that does not meet with the official instruction guide, and no other man-made destruction or alteration;

*Can provide proof of purchase.

Free maintenance services will not be provided where

  • Crash or fire damage caused by non-manufacturing defects.
  • Damage caused by unauthorized modification, disassembly, or opening of the device not in accordance with the official instructions or manuals.
  • Damage caused by unauthorized maintenance or damage caused by unauthorized circuit modification and mismatch or misuse of the battery or charger.
  • Damage caused by operation in bad weather (i.e. strong wind, rain, sand/dust storms, etc.).
  • Damage caused by operating the unit in an environment with electromagnetic interference (i.e. a mining areas, close to radio transmission towers, high-voltage wires, substations, etc.).
  • Damage caused by operating the product in an environment containing interference from other wireless devices (i.e. transmitter, video-link, Wi-Fi signals, etc.).
  • Damage caused by a flight in which damaged components or components suffering from natural wear and tear were used.
  • Damage caused by reliability or compatibility issues when using third-party parts unauthenticated by Zero Zero.
  • Damage caused by using a low battery or using batteries with quality problems.
  • Damage caused by unavoidable factors, such as fire, flood, lightning, traffic accidents, etc.
  • Damage caused by unauthorized modifications, device damage caused by water, oil, sand, etc. incorrect installation, improper use.
  • Damage caused by flying in violation of the Safety Instructions provided with the product, including but not limited to flying over areas of poor texture (water, snow, etc.), areas that are highly reflective, flying over surfaces with a change in height of over 10m, flying over 2000 meters above sea level. Please refer to the Safety Instructions provided with the product for an exhaustive list of restricted flight environments.

Warranty instructions

  • After receiving the problematic products, Zero Zero’s after- retail service center will detect the problem and determine the liability. If the problem stems from manufacturing defects, Zero Zero will bear the fees for material, labor, and return delivery;
  • If the product does not meet the conditions of free maintenance, customers can choose to pay for the maintenance or for shipment of the original product back to the customer ;
  • If the problem is not within the scope of the warranty (such as man-made damage to the device), we will charge for the corresponding replacement parts costs, labor costs and freight based on the specific issue ;
  • The maintenance process may cause loss of user data, please back up your data before sending the product;
  • Customers can only obtain warranty services in designated regional maintenance centers.

Warranty period of product parts

The warranty period of the main parts is as follows:



Warranty Period 

Service Method


Main Board

12 Months

Customer Mail-In

ESC Board

12 Months

Customer Mail-In


12 Months

Customer Mail-In


Appearance Parts

No Warranty

Customer Mail-In





12 Months with less than 200 cycles


Customer Mail-In

Charging Hub

Main Board

12 Months

Customer Mail-In

Cosmetic Parts

No Warranty

Customer Mail-In


Paid service

  • If the product does not meet the warranty terms and conditions, we will provide paid product maintenance services, but customers need to pay for labor, replacement parts and return freight.
  • Note: If the customer decides not to repair the device, the customer still needs to pay for return freight

How to access maintenance service

  1. Please email support@hoverair.com describing the issue you are facing.
  2. If our technical support is unable to provide you remote troubleshooting assistance, we will send you a case number and a repair merchandise authorization (RMA) form along with a case number.
  3. Once Zero Zero has received the electronic RMA form, customer support will provide you with a return address and/or shipping label when applicable.
  4. Services will be provided according to the above terms (paid or free maintenance) depending on the nature and cause of the repairs.
  5. Zero Zero will not commence repair on your product until receiving customer confirmation of any required payments.
  6. After repair or replacement, your product will be shipped back to you.

Maintenance note

  1. Zero Zero service or maintenance organization will take back and have the ownership of any  parts that have been replaced in the maintenance process.