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Repair Kit for HOVERAir X1

Repair Kit for HOVERAir X1

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Repair Kit - a custom-designed toolkit and parts set for your HOVERAir X1, engineered for quick and efficient repairs.

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Small package, big fixes. Effortlessly repair your HOVERAir X1.

The Repair Kit is tailor-made for the HOVERAir X1, featuring a selection of bespoke replacement parts and a screwdriver. In the unlikely event that your HOVERAir X1 propellers or guards are damaged, we've made it easy for you to replace them yourself.


A complete set of propellers for the HOVERAir X1:

2 clockwise and 2 counter-clockwise blades. Pay attention to the direction during installation.

Protective back covers

A set of protective back covers for seamless integration. Effortlessly snap on and off for quick installation and removal.


1. What's included in the repair kit?

The repair kit contains four propellers, two protective frames, eight screws, and a screwdriver.

2. When do I need to use the repair kit?

When using the HOVERAir X1 in daily operations, propellers or the shell may encounter minor collisions or wear. In such instances, you can utilize the Repair Kit to swiftly replace the components.

3. Does purchasing the Repair Kit affect the warranty of the HOVERAir?

No, it won't. Purchasing the Repair Kit doesn't affect your HOVERAir X1's warranty. Every HOVERAir X1 bought through official store or authorized dealers comes with a one-year warranty, which remains valid as long as you use the Repair Kit according to our official instructions. While the warranty doesn't cover wear and damage from misuse, using the Repair Kit for recommended repairs ensures your HOVERAir X1 stays covered. For any concerns, feel free to contact our customer service. We encourage getting the Repair Kit to easily manage minor repairs without compromising your HOVERAir X1's warranty.

4. I'm not in the United States, can I still purchase the Repair Kit?

We apologize, the Repair Kit is currently only available for sale in the United States and select markets. However, we will soon be launching it in more markets. Please continue to stay tuned for updates. We are committed to providing better service to HOVERAir users worldwide!

Customer Reviews

Based on 17 reviews
Tony Fahr
One problem

Seems to work well and the repair kit seems fine. There is no reason the drone should need full access to all of my photo album to be about to download the videos though.

Jorge Lopez
Replacement Parts

They arrive in time

HoverAir Rpair Kit is the BOMB!!! :-)

I ordered the kit on 04-26-24 and received it just a few days later, but it was missing the screws. So I emailed HOVER about that and they promptly sent another. Not just the screws, but a whole new repair kit! That one arrived today (05-14-24) and I'm as happy as a pig in slop!!! :-)

Lisa Nason
Hover X1 Repair Kit

I ordered the HOVERAir X1 Repair Kit as a precautionary measure should anything happen to it while flying. Once I received the repair kit, I took great delight by how wonderfully packaged this kit was. Once I opened the box, I noticed that it included all of the tools to facilitate easy removal and installation of the guards and propellers, all of which were received in within a very short amount of time from purchase date. I was truly impressed. I haven’t had to use this yet, but it makes me feel so much better having this on hand should I encounter a mishap while flying my HOVERAir X1.

Then, I received an emailed message of “apology” from HOVERAir about a day or two after receiving my kit. It turns out they sent me the repair kit in the wrong color, (which I hadn’t even noticed because I was "over the moon" to receive this kit at such an affordable price, and by how this kit was packaged)! Sure enough, when I rechecked the package, I had noticed they sent me the white kit instead of the black one. I received the replacement kit within a day or two of receiving the email with the correct kit in black. Once again, that really impressed me!

HOVERAir’s attention to detail and the way they back their products has made me a huge fan of their product. I’ve been sharing how great this little HOVERAir X1 is to fly to my friends when they stop by for a visit by demo-ing HOVER’s flight modes around our property - weather permitting. (In fact, our neighbor bought one for her husband as a Christmas gift, and he’s enjoyed using the device as well, while another friend plans to get one too!)

With more sunny days ahead, I’ll be getting-in a little more practice flying my HOVERAir X1, and hopefully, a decent video to share on your site.

Noel Molinos
Repair Kit

I purchased the repair kit as a back, and I was very satisfied with it as I received my order in a timely manner.

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