HOVERAir X1 Acessories Guide

HOVERAir X1 Acessories Guide

Written by: May Lai



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Here's an introduction to the accessories that you can pair with your HOVERAir X1.

1.HOVERAir x1 Flight Batteries

One battery delivers up to 11 minutes of flight time or up to 20 flight paths. 

Capacity of 1050mAh 

Standard Voltage of 7.7V 

You can charge battery by charging hub or battery while inside HOVERAir X1. Check video how to charge your battery here: 

Recommend charger: PD 18W adapter

Our batteries are very compact and lightweight. In order to ensure longer battery life, you can purchase additional batteries as backups.

Does the Hover return to you when the battery gets low?

HoverAir X1 will provide a 'low battery' warning both via App (if connected) and voice prompt, please exchange the battery when you get this message. Also, if you keep flying the Hover with the same battery, it will stop and auto land directly at its current located spot under 'extremely low battery' condition.

To learn more about battery-related safety information, check the safety manual here:  Battery safety instruction 

2.Charging Hub

The charger only charges one battery at a time. Both sides will charge, but only one battery charges when two are in the charger. The battery hub begins by charging the fullest battery first. Once one of the batteries gets fully charged, the other starts to charge. 

When you short press the button, it will let you know the current battery level and charging progress if you install the batteries into the charging hub. By using the charging hub, the charge time per battery will shorten from 55 min to 35 min. 

Note that the charging time also depends on the charging brick that you use; other users find that using a 20w fast charger is sufficient.

3.Small Protective Case

This is a PU case that perfectly fits your HOVERAir X1 aircraft. It comes with a magnetic cover, a nice leather-like feel, environmentally friendly materials and craftsmanship, and is dustproof and waterproof.

4. Repair kit

Inside this kit, there are propellers, a frame, and more.