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Hover X1 App Introduction

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How to download the Hover X1 App

Scan the QR code to download and install Hover X1 App or go to download page: https://thehover.com/pages/product-manual

HOVER App QR code

Hover X1 App Introduction

Using the Hover X1 app, you can download captured content to your device, manually control the device, see a live preview of what you're showing, and modify the flight modes and capture modes.


See what others are sharing in the World tab and view and manage your own content under "Moments" ;


Functional settings related to Hover, including downloading media, setting parameters, upgrading firmware, etc. ;


Learn to use various flight modes and unlock new modes.


Manage Accounts and your registered devices

How to connect the Hover

Your HOVERAir X1 and the app are connected via Bluetooth, please follow the steps below:

connect the Hover

  1. Turn on your X1
  2. Open the app, tap to enter the [Hover] page, and turn on Bluetooth according to the prompts;
  3. Your mobile device should automatically connect to your Hover.

Note: If you are unable to find your HOVERAir X1 for an extended period, Press and hold the "Power Button" and "Mode Button" for 3 seconds until the status indicator is blinking blue.

Check out our video tutorial here: 

Hover parameter settings

After Bluetooth is connected to Hover, you can click  to view and modify the parameters of each flight mode in the Hover page to take better pictures.

Here is a video about how to set the parameters of different flight modes.

setting  parameter

How to control flying

Click "Manual Control" on the Hover page to control the Hover to fly a creative trajectory and take pictures or videos.

control flying

Preview screen

Click "Smart Preview" on the Hover page to see what your HOVERAir X1 is filming in real time and change parameters.

preview screen

How to download your media

After each Bluetooth connection to Hover, if there is a new shot, you can tap on to access all media that has been recorded on your HOVERAir X1. Selecting the Album allows you to view thumbnails and download selected content.

You will be asked to connect to WiFi to download your media. 


Please note that you are connecting to the WiFi only of the HOVERAir X1, not to the internet. How to connect wifi and download media, check video as follow: 

All media is saved locally on the HOVERAir X1 and then downloaded directly to your device; there is no cloud storage or access to your media unless you specifically decide to share it!

You can click on to view the usage of storage space.

After downloading, the contents can be viewed on the home page or in the local album of the mobile phone.

How to enable sound recording

Step 1 : Once connected to the Hover X1, select "Sound Recording" from the options. Step 2 : Follow the prompts to activate sound recording. You can deactivate this feature in the "Hover Setting" menu.

Check Recording Status : When the Hover starts recording video, your phone will immediately capture sound, indicated by a microphone icon on the screen. 

Step 3 : Navigate to the "Hover's Album" to access and download videos with sound.

Video tutorial here: 

Note: Since sound is recorded directly from your phone, it's essential to keep your phone nearby and avoid locking the screen or switching to other apps during recording. Our proprietary noise reduction algorithm minimizes blade and environmental noise from the Hover X1 during flight. For even better sound quality, you can connect external headphones or professional microphones.

How to switch to vertical mode

Step  1: Connect to the Hover X1. 

Step  2: Navigate to "Hover Setting" in the app.

Step  3: Select the mode option and choose "Vertical Mode." 

Step 4: Toggle the switch to turn it "ON."steps click "Hover Setting"- choose the mode - "Vertical Mode"-" ON" 

Note: Enabling vertical mode is not available in manual mode. While in manual mode, you'll see "Low-res preview" on the screen.

How to find "Manual Control"

1.  Before accessing Manual Control Mode, you must unlock it by engaging in "Intelligent Flight Paths" at least five times. Afterward, navigate to the app's latest version, click on "Mode," and select "Manual Control" to unlock this feature.
2.  Once unlocked, you'll notice the entrance to "Manual Mode" on the main menu page, as illustrated below.

How to set up Photo/Video Capture

Smart Preview: 

1. Connect the HOVERAir X1 to the app. 

2. Access 'Smart Preview' from the menu. 

3. Choose your preferred shooting option. For video: X1 will start recording automatically after takeoff. 

For photos: Press the on-screen capture button.

Manual Control 

1. Connect the HOVERAir X1 to the app.

2. Navigate to 'Manual Control' in the menu.

3. Choose your preferred shooting option.

How to upgrade firmware

Check the firmware version number in Firmware Upgrade. If the latest firmware version is not available, proceed as follows:

update firmware

Click in the camera page and select "One-click Upgrade";


When the App downloads the firmware package, it will be prompted to connect to Hover's Wi-Fi to transfer the firmware package;


When the transfer is complete, Hover will begin upgrading the firmware. During the upgrade process, the status light is blue, and after the upgrade is successful, the status light is green. Please pay attention to the change of the status indicator;


After a successful upgrade, the latest version number is displayed.

Note: During the firmware upgrade, please do not exit the App and keep the Hover at room temperature with a charge above 30%.

General functions

Account management

You can modify the user name, user avatar, associated mobile phone number or mailbox, modify the login password, log out, and cancel the account.

My Hover

View connected Hover information, including name, SN code, firmware version, binding status, etc. The name can be modified, removed.

My Hover dashboard


For iOS users, it can adapt to the power frequency of different countries and regions to prevent stroboscopic phenomenon when shooting.


View App version, privacy agreement, terms of service and other information.