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Fly Your HOVERAir X1 Safely

Written by: May Lai



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How to Fly HOVERAir X1 Drone Safely

Flight Environment

HOVERAir X1 should be flown in a normal flight environment. Flight environment requirements include but are not limited to:

1.HOVERAir X1 adopts a downward vision positioning system. To ensure flight stability:

  • Make sure HOVERAir X1 does not fly lower than 0.5m or higher than 10m above ground.
  • Do not fly at night. When the ground is too dark, the vision positioning system may not work well.

  • Vision positioning system may fail if the ground texture is not clear. This includes: large area of pure color ground, water surface or transparent area, strong reflection area, area with drastically changing light condition, moving objects below HOVERAir X1, etc

Not recommended flying environment

  • Make sure the downward vision sensors are clean. Do not block sensors. Do not fly in dusty/misty environments.
  • Do not fly when there is large height variance(e.g., flying out of the window on high floors)

2.Do not fly in severe weather conditions including wind (wind exceeding 5.4m/s), rain, snow, lightning and fog;

3.Do not fly when environment temperature is below 0°C or above 40°C.

4.Do not fly in restricted zones. Please refer to“Flight Regulations and Restrictions”for details;

5.Do not fly over 2000 meters above sea level;

6.Fly with caution in solid particle environments including desert and beach. It could result in solid particles entering HOVERAir X1 and cause damage.

Wireless Communication

  • Select open spaces for your flights to ensure seamless wireless communication.
  • Avoid electromagnetic interference sources such as Wi-Fi hotspots, Bluetooth devices, and power lines.

Pre-flight Checklist for HOVERAir X1:

Before taking off with your HOVERAir X1, ensure a smooth and safe flight experience by performing a comprehensive pre-flight inspection. This includes, but is not limited to:

  1. Confirm that your HOVERAir X1 is fully charged.
  2. Check proper installation and functionality of components like prop guards, batteries, gimbal, and propellers.
  3. Update the firmware and app to the latest version for optimal performance.
  4. Familiarize yourself with the User Manual, Quick Guide, and related documents to understand product operations.
  5. Comply with local drone laws and regulations, refraining from any illegal activities.
  6. Avoid inserting fingers or objects into the HOVERAir X1 protection frame to prevent potential consequences, as any issues arising from such actions will be your sole responsibility.

Operating HOVERAir X1

Operating your HOVERAir X1 requires careful attention to ensure a smooth and safe flight. Remember, any malfunctions or property damage resulting from incorrect user operation are the user's responsibility. Here are key tips for correcting HOVERAir X1 operation:

  1. Propeller and Motor Safety:
    1. Avoid touching propellers and motors during operation to prevent accidents.
  2. Auto Flight Mode Precautions:
    1. Ensure a clean and obstacle-free environment when using auto flight mode.
    2. Be vigilant of surroundings to prevent potential dangers; halt flight if needed. The HOVERAir X1 supports automatic landing from the app and/or switching to manual mode.
  3. Gimbal Handling:
    1. Refrain from applying external force to or blocking the gimbal for optimal performance.
  4. Use Official Parts:
    1. Using third-party parts not provided by Zero Zero can cause damage to your device and/or void your warranty. 
  5. Avoid Disassembly or Modification:
    1. Do not disassemble or modify the HOVERAir X1, as any resulting consequences are solely the user's responsibility.

Flight Regulations &Restrictions:

1. Authorized Flight Activities:
- Obtain necessary flight permits and conduct authorized flights. Unauthorized and illegal activities are strictly prohibited.
2. Compliance with Local Laws: 
Safely use HOVERAir X1 in compliance with local laws, downloading the latest firmware from official channels.
Restricted Areas: Flight restrictions apply to major airports, cities, and temporary event areas. Consult your local flight management department before flying and adhere to local regulations.
Surroundings Awareness: Always be aware of your drone's surroundings, avoiding obstacles like buildings, roofs, and woods for a safe flight experience.

Storage and Transportation

Product Storage

  1. Place HOVERAir X1 in a protective case, and do not squeeze or expose HOVERAir X1 to sunlight.
  2. Never allow the drone to come in contact with liquids or be immersed in water. If the drone gets wet, please wipe it dry promptly. Never turn on the drone immediately after it has fallen into the water, otherwise it will cause permanent damage to the drone.
  3. When HOVERAir X1 is not in use, make sure the battery is stored in an appropriate environment.Recommended battery storage temperature range:Short-term storage (not more than three months): -10 ° C ~ 30 ° C ;

Long-term storage (more than three months): 25 ± 3 °C .

  1. Check battery health with the App. Please replace the battery after 300 charge cycles. For more details of battery maintenance, please read the “Intelligent Battery Safety Instructions”.

Product Transportation

  1. Temperature range when transporting batteries : 23 ± 5 °C.
  2. Please check the airport regulations when carrying the batteries on board, and do not transport batteries that are damaged or have other abnormal ties.
  3. And the battery of HOVERAir X1 is below 100wh. Want know more about how to carry your drone or battery on a plane, check the article: how to travel with a trone.  

Other TIPS

HOVERAir X1 is only about 125g(with battery), under normal circumstances, you do not need to register with the FAA. However, you should be aware of and understand the regulations of the local civil aviation authorities in your respective country. If you want to know more regulations in USA, you can check this site: https://www.faa.gov/uas 

Find your local country Civil Aviation Administration, you can check this list: https://www.icao.int/pages/links.aspx 

Know how to start flying HOVERAir X1 quickly, please go to  HOVERAir x1 quick start flying guide