HOVERAir X1 Drone Follow Mode

The Ultimate Guide to HOVERAir X1 Drone Follow Mode

Written by: May Lai



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Introduction of Drone Follow Feature

Follow me mode is a revolutionary feature that allows drones to autonomously track your every move, capturing your adventures on bikes, skateboards, skis, or running. This hands-free shooting method has gained immense popularity, providing a seamless and immersive filming experience. 

There are absolutely many options for follow me drone that can track you autonomously, and there are some factors you need to consider before you are buying. Many drones often come with a hefty price tag, but options like the HOVERAir X1 self-flying camera drone offer this functionality under $500. You also need to consider safety; many drones on the market have exposed propellers, which can be dangerous if they lose control. 

The HOVERAir with its enclosed frame allows it to follow and record you during your activities from a close distance and around other people. HOVERAir's advanced computer vision technology and unique design allows it to achieve close-range follow-mode, making it perfect for selfies, vlogs, and more.

HOVERAir X1 Follow Me Functionality

In the world of aerial cinematography, HOVERAir takes the lead with its cutting-edge visual recognition technology, enabling automatic tracking of users. Let's delve into the specifics:

Identifying the subject: HOVERAir seamlessly locks onto and memorizes the individual it observes during the takeoff preparation phase. The identification process is part of the three second take off – just wait for the red light to signal before setting off. 

Following in Action: Once in follow mode, HOVERAir maintains its orientation toward the user, keeping a designated distance, typically set at a comfortable 2 meters. After takeoff, the drone diligently keeps this fixed distance until the user remains stationary for at least 3 seconds or until a preset task duration concludes.

Follow Modes Unleashed: HOVERAir's follow me mode presents two exciting options – the classic "back follow" mode and the cinematic "dolly track" mode for front-facing shots.  With a top speed cap of 25 km/h, it effortlessly matches the pace of urban bicycle commuting and other activities like skateboarding, or even horse riding! 

Follow Mode (Back Follow): Among the five modes available on the drone, selecting the "Follow Mode" launches the aircraft into "Back Follow" mode. Tracking is so good! Even when facing or sideways to HOVERAir, it will follow your movements; you don't necessarily have to turn your back to it. 

Dolly Track(Front Follow): Combined with the HOVERAir X1's audio recording feature, this is the vlogger's dream – your personal photographer recording you as you advance towards it. The X1 will adjust its position to fly in front of you, as long as you don't make it too sharp of a turn! Settings: Dolly Mode (Front Follow) settings can be accessed in the app under Hover->Settings->Custom. It's perfect for strolling towards the camera, recording your voice, and capturing dynamic footage. Check out the tutorials via the App--Me--Academy--Flight Modes--Dolly Track or watch the video here: 

TIPS: ⭐ To maintain consistent frontal tracking, try to walk in a straight line. Correct HOVERAir's flight direction when encountering turns; otherwise, it might switch to rear follow if it deviates too much. ⭐ If there are obstacles ahead, control HOVERAir's movement to avoid them. ⭐ When needing to adjust HOVERAir's direction but lacking space behind, consider stepping backward, allowing HOVERAir to backtrack a bit.

Flight Safety Tips:

Follow mode is a ton of fun, and we recommend you thoroughly try it out: run, bike, skateboard. Here are some things to take note of:

-Fly in an open space: For both back and front follow it’s best to fly in an open space and make sure that there are no obstacles in your planned flight path whenever possible.
- Fly environment:Consider the flight environment, avoiding water surfaces, highly reflective areas, and large monochromatic surfaces.
- Flight speed: Be careful not to accelerate or decelerate too quickly.


1. Is it possible to track two people?

No, it can't - otherwise how would it know who to follow if you split up? The X1 will track the person who it identifies during take off.

2. Can it follow things or the dog?

No, for the time being, the X1 does not support tracking objects such as vehicles and pets.

3.What's the max wind speed it can fly in?

It can withstand winds up to level 4.


Follow me mode in drones, exemplified by the HOVERAir X1, opens up new possibilities for capturing dynamic and thrilling moments. By understanding technology, considering key factors, and adhering to safety guidelines, users can elevate their filming experience to unprecedented heights.